Quentin “Norman” Cook, aka Fatboy Slim is simply the most influential artist on the edge of electronic music and pop of the late nineties and early 2000s. He’s a musical chameleon, who grew up in Surrey, UK, and began DJing when he moved to Brighton in the late 80s. Fatboy Slim can be considered not only as the most important exponent, but as the father itself of the big-beat sound, who ruled the charts and the dancefloor at the passage of the millennium in Europe and worldwide. In January 1999, the Fatboy Slim single “Praise You” topped the UK general chart, setting a new record in the electronic music industry. Cook’s wide success lies in his ability to speak to always new and different audiences, rather than experiment in the range of a niche or a style. His sets and productions blend funky breakbeats with the most catchy melodies and riffs, combining fundamental elements of rock and dance cultures.

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